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S150 Duo-1024USB

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The S150 Duo spectrometer is designed for spectral analysis of electromagnetic radiation, for precise wavelength measurements of lasers (including diode and tunable ones) used in spectral instruments and lidars. The S150 Duo is the best in its class of instruments, and it delivers the accuracy and reproducibility when measuring wavelengths, shapes and widths of spectral lines. The S150 Duo achieves both high spectral resolution (less than 9pm) and wavelength accuracy of 1 pm. That is all that provides almost 100% reproducibility of the measurement results.

The S150 Duo spectrometer is a two-channel instrument. This feature in the design extends the consumer properties of S150 Duo. S150 Duo can be successfully used in photometry if  it is equipped with two identical gratings in each channel. The use of gratings with different groove density in each channel makes it possible to choose the registration bandwidth and spectral resolution.

In each channel of the spectrometer, linear multi-element detectors are installed. Both detectors is able to acquire spectra simultaneously. Each channel provides a 30 mm focal plane width.  The input slits have a fixed size (the standard width is 25 μm).  The input slit widths can be modified on customer request in the range of 15 -40 μm. Illumination of the spectrometer entrance slits is carried out by the use of a two-channel optical fiber (one input and two outputs) or two single-channel optical fibers. The lighting can be performed directly without optical fibers.    

In most cases, it is convenient to use one two-channel optical fiber, because often both channels complement each other and solve the same task. An example is the spectral characteristics measurement of laser lines. In one of the S150 Duo channels, an Echelle grating can be installed for this purpose. The user has the opportunity to mark with a marker the spectral line that is observed in the spectrometer channel where a conventional grating is located, and the software automatically finds the given line in another channel where there is a high-precision grating (Echelle grating).

It is known that Echelle spectrometers can provide high-precision (up to 10 pm) wavelength measurements. The S150 Duo spectrometer with a new non-linear calibration sets higher limits for the accuracy of the wavelength measurement (from 5 pm to 1 pm, depending on the spectrum order) over a wide spectral range of 200 -1100 nm.

The S150 Duo spectrometer is a small-sized device that does not have moving elements in its design, and it has high long-term stability. High-precision calibration along with long-term stability of the spectrometer are necessary for precise wavelength control. Calibration and wavelength measurement must be carried out under the same conditions to avoid temperature effects. However, the conditions in which wavelength calibration were performed may differ from the conditions in which the instrument is currently used. Therefore, there is a possibility of spectral autocalibration  in the S150 Duo, which can be performed by the user at any time. This achieves reproducibility of measurements results for the entire lifetime of the instrument.

The S150 Duo spectrometer is reliable, compact, with portable design, easy in operation. The software which is supplied with the device, provides collection, visualization and analysis of data. It has an intuitive interface. There are two models of S150 Duo: S150 Duo-1024USB and S150 Duo-3648USB, which differ in the photodetector.


Features and Advantages

  • High spectral resolution (up to 9 pm)
    Measurement of shape and width of the spectral line
  • High accuracy of wavelength determination (up to 1 pm)
  • Long-term stability. Fixed position of optical elements, small size
  • Automatic wavelength calibration. High accuracy and reproducibility of measurement results for the entire instrument lifetime
  • Easy-to-use software, possibility to solve non-standard problems



  • Wavelength measuring of tunable lasers, analysis of the shape and width of the laser line
  • Photometric measurements. Measurement of fluorescent, Raman, and atomic-emission spectra

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