PTM-7844 Single-channel detector

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Photo-electronic multiplier 7844 (PMT-7844) – based detector is aimed for optical radiation detection in the spectral range of 185 – 900 nm. Cooled (with Peltier element) photo-electronic multiplier of H-7844 type by Hamamatsu is used as detection element in the detector. Due to use of PMT with a lateral photocathode and an embedded high-voltage power supply and active voltage divider, the detector is of small overall sizes, simple and safe in operation.



  • High sensitivity
  • Extremely low noise due to Peltier cooling
  • Wide spectral range
  • Large photocathode area
  • Wide range of sensitivity

Application: luminescence measurements



SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. PTM-7844 korpus