IR detectors

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For optical radiation detection in near-IR (from 0,9 up to 2,6 µm), IR (from 1,5 up to 5,5 µm) and far-IR region (up to 40 µm) we offer the detectors manufactured by Electro-Optical Systems Inc., USA – one of the world leaders in production of photodetectors for a wide spectral range, detectors, as well as various electronic components.
SOL instruments is the official representative of Electro-Optical Systems Inc. (EOS) in the Republic of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
The detailed information on the detectors produced by EOS is available on EOS website or upon a direct request to SOL instruments. Our specialists will help you in selection of detectors in combination with the required monochromator–spectrograph for perfect solution of your task.



Model Type of photodetector Spectral response range
Spectral sensitivity
Type of cooling system
Active area size
IGA-020-TE2-H InGaAs
0.8 – 1.7 µm 0.9 x 108 В/Вт Peltier Ø 2 mm
IGA-050-TE2-H InGaAs
0.8 – 1.7 µm 0.9 x 108 V/W Peltier Ø 5 mm
G-050-TE2-H Ge
0.8 – 1.8 µm 0.9 x 107 V/W Peltier Ø 5 mm
IGA2.2-030-TE2-H Ex-InGaAs
1.2 – 2.5 µm 1.2 x 106 V/W Peltier Ø 3 mm
IA-020-TE2-H InAs
1.0 – 3.5 µm 0.8 x 104 V/W Peltier Ø 2 mm
MCT5-020-TE2-H HgCdTe
1 – 5 µm 104 V/W Peltier 2 х 2 mm
MCT20-010-E-LN6 HgCdTe
2 – 20 µm 105 V/W Сryostat  1 х 1 mm


At spectra registration with photodiode–based detectors, the detector is mounted directly behind the exit slit of the monochromator. For the detectors with a photosensor less than 5 mm a special junction is necessary to be used, which by means of a toroidal mirror moves the image of the exit slit to the photosensitive surface of the radiation receiver. In this case the output radiation of the monochromator goes to the receiving site of the receiver without losses.

An integral part of a detection system using the photodiode–based detectors is the ADC. It can be supplied as an option together with our scanning monochromators.

The ADC receives electric signals from the photosensors and processes them by means of 16–order analogue-to-digital converter. ADC is mounted inside the spectral instrument.