Digital Cameras HS 104H series

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HS 104H1, HS 104H2 high-speed cameras
with electronic shutter



The cameras are aimed for operation as a detection system with broad wavelength coverage of 200-1100 nm in combination with optical spectral instruments. Two types of linear multiple unit sensors with integrated electronic shutter can be used in the cameras (refer to the specification).

HS 104H cameras ensure high resolution due to large number of active pixels (2018) of 14 μm width. Pixel height is 1000 or 500 μm.



 SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. hs 104h


Distinctive features

  • High sensitivity in broad spectral range
  • High readout speed - 6 MHz
  • Minimum exposure time range - 2 μs
  • No influence of optical signal before and after the exposure process thanks to integrated electronic shutter
  • Various modes of input/output synchronization
  • External PC USB 2.0.connection interface
  • On-board random access memory (RAM) (up to 100 spectra)




  • Spectral analysis of the pulsed processes
  • Spectral research of the dynamics lighting processes
  • Precise spectra registration of stable lighting processes and stable optical objects
  • Photometric equipment detection system
  • Spectral and quantitative monitoring of chemical reactions
  • Optical spectroscopy in biomedical research
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy


HS 104H graph