Digital Cameras HS 101H-HR series and HS 101H series

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Cameras are aimed for operation as a registration system in the wavelengths range from 200 up to 1100 nm (depends on the model) as a part of optical spectral instruments controlled by a personal computer of IBM PC class. In the cameras image sensors of various types and sizes can be applied (see the table with technical characteristics).
Cameras can apply either one-step or two-step thermoelectric Peltier element cooling or no cooling at all (see the table with technical characteristics). Cameras HS 101H-HR provide high resolution due to the increased number of active pixels and their size being decreased down to 12×12 μm (number of pixels over the length – 2048, over the width – 122, 250 or 506).



HS 101H HR


Distinctive features

  • Embedded Personal Computer Pentium MMX
  • High sensitivity in a broad spectral range
  • Quantum efficiency of the image sensor is up to 90 % (for Back-Thinned technology sensors)
  • Low dark signal due to the thermoelectric cooling of a sensor (Peltier element cooling - compulsory air forced and/or water).
  • Low readout noise
  • Advanced opportunities for programming of operating modes of the cameras:

- binning and grouping;
- spectral binning for several spectral stripes;
- different regions of interest (ROI).

  • Various input/output synchronization modes
  • Direct shutter control
  • High-speed interface - 10/100 Ethernet connection
  • On-board random access memory (RAM) up to 128 MB


HS 101H graph



In fluorescent spectrometers, spectrophotometers with inductive coupled plasma, Raman spectrometers during the scientific and laboratory investigations, at testing of semiconductors, low-light-level registration and also in other scientific and technical areas using spectrometric methods.