Digital Cameras HLS 190IR series

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Cameras with linear InGaAs image sensors are aimed for operation as a registration system in near-infrared region of a spectrum in the wavelengths range from 0,9 up to 2,55 µm (depending on model) as a part of optical spectral instruments controlled by a personal computer of IBM PC class. In the cameras various InGaAs linear image sensors can be applied (see the table with technical characteristics).


Distinctive features

  • Embedded Personal Computer Pentium MMX.
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • Low dark signal.
  • Low readout noise.
  • Thermoelectric cooling of a sensor.
  • Advanced opportunities for programming of operating modes of the cameras.
  • Various input/output synchronization modes.
  • Direct shutter control.
  • High-speed interface - 10/100 Ethernet connection.
  • On-board random access memory (RAM) up to 128 MB.
  • Opportunity of the exposure time setting, pre-exposure and post-exposure delay time setting in wide limits.



Application area

As a registration system in spectrometers of a near-infrared region during the scientific and laboratory investigations, radiation thermometry, non-destructive testing, and also in other scientific and technical areas using spectrometric methods.



SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. HLS 190IR



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