MC 311IR Spectrophotometer

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Up-to-date spectrophotometer for the infrared spectrum range (from 800 up to 3200 nm) is aimed for solving a wide scope of routine and investigation tasks connected with spectra registration and processing, quantitative and multi-element analysis as well as kinetic measurements.



  • Double monochromator providing low level stray light and the highest precision of measurements.
  • Modern optical layout allows working with the small-size samples or micro-samples.
  • Module design of cell compartment allows the substantial extension of functional capabilities of the spectrophotometer (for example, measurement of the reflectance of samples, polarization investigations, etc.).

SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. МС 311 1280  

Measurement functions

  • Absorption, transmission and reflection spectra measurement.
  • Measurement of absorbance, transmittance and specular reflectance on the fixed wavelengths.
  • One-, two- and three-wave concentration measurement, multi-wave measurements.
  • Kinetic measurements both on one and several wavelengths.
  • Concentration measurement with pre-programmed techniques.
  • Storage of measurement data and preparing of reports.





Fig.1. The transmittance spectra of the sample measured at MC311 

Application area

Spectrophotometer is a multi-purpose instrument for application in all areas using photometric investigation methods. It can be applied in ecological and environmental laboratories, factory in various industry branches (e.g. optical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.).



Standard delivery set:

  • specialized software "PCI MC" for the external PC.
  • solids and thin films holder (with sample clamping) that provides installation and fixation of samples with dimensions from 10х10 mm up to 100х100 mm and thickness from 1 up to 35 mm.
  • a set of connecting cables.



Auxiliary equipment and materials:

  • Attachment for the directed specular reflectance measurement for incidence angle of 10 degrees with relative technique (with flat mirror).
  • Glan-Taylor prism – based radiation polarizer.
  • Thermostated holder for thermal stabilization of the samples in a cell with dimensions 12,5х12,5х45 mm (with optical path length of 10 mm) within the range of temperatures from 13 up to 52°С with 0,1°С step (thermostating temperature is regulated with the spectrophotometer according to the measurement procedure).
  • Peristaltic pump with flow-through cell.
  • "Macro" quartz cells with optical path length10, 20, 40, 50 and 100 mm.
  • A set of light filters for verification.

Specialized software for the task to be solved can be supplied with external PC.



SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. m10 1   SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. fig4 P3  

SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. kc11