MC 122 Spectrophotometer

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Up-to-date spectrophotometer for UV-VIS-NIR spectrum ranges (from 190 up to 1100 nm) is aimed for solving a wide scope of routine and investigation tasks connected with spectra registration and processing, quantitative and multi-element аnalysis as well as with kinetic measurements.  

SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. MC_122


  • Double monochromator provides low level stray light and the highest precision of measurements.
  • Modern optical layout allows investigation of small-size samples or micro-samples.
  • Embedded powerful Pentium PC allows detailed processing of measurements data and data archiving
  • Embedded 6.4" VGA TFT full-color liquid-crystal display (LCD).
  • A wide range of peripherals which can be connected to the device: a "mouse" manipulator, keyboard, printer, external display, external computer.
  • Direct connection to a company local network and to the internet.
  • Module design of a cell compartment allows the substantial extension of functional capabilities of the spectrophotometer (for example, measurement of sample reflectance, polarization investigations, etc.).





Fig.1. Absorbance spectra with set markers


Measuring functions

  • Measurement of absorption, transmission and reflection spectra.
  • Measurement of optical density, transmittance and reflectance on the fixed wavelengths.
  • One-, two- and three- wave measurements of concentration, multi-wave measurements.
  • Kinetic measurements both on one and several wavelengths.
  • Concentration measurement with pre-programmed techniques.
  • Calculation of trichromatic and chromaticity coordinates in different colorimetric systems CIE(CIE of 1931 and CIE 1964) for various types of sources (A, B, C and D65) and color distinctions calculation according to CIE 1976. (CIELAB) – at operation with the external software.
  • Storage of measurement data and reports preparing.



Fig.2. End-point measurements at selected wavelength


Application area

Spectrophotometer is a multi-purpose instrument for application in all areas using photometric investigation methods. It can be applied in ecological and environmental laboratories, factory in various industry branches (e.g. optical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food ,etc.).




Fig.3. Measuring the concetration by the programmed methodic


Standard delivery set:

  • cell holder with optical path length from 10 up to 100 mm.
  • 2 quartz cell with optical path length of 10 mm.
  • 100 standard disposable polystyrene cells with optical path of 10 mm.
  • keyboard.
  • "mouse" manipulator.
  • a set of connecting cables.

Accessories and consumables:

  • Attachment for measurement of directed specular reflectance for incidence angle of 10 degrees with relative method of measurement (with flat mirror 1).
  • Attachment for measurement of absolute directed specular reflectance for incidence angle from 8 up to 82 degrees. Angle installation step is 0.5 degree.
  • Solids and thin films holder (with sample clamping).
  • Glan-Taylor polarizer.
  • Peristaltic pump with flow-through cell
  • Thermostated holder for thermal stabilization of investigated samples in cell with external dimensions 12.5х12.5х45 mm (with optical path length of 10 mm) within the range of temperatures from 13 up to 52°С with 0.1°С step (thermostating temperature is regulated with the spectrophotometer according to the measurement procedure).
  • Attachment for measurement of the directed optical transmittance of samples with thickness up to 1.5 mm at incidence angle from 0 up to 60°. Angle installation step is 0.5 degree.
  • Standard disposable plastic cells
  • Quartz cells with optical path length 10, 20, 50 and 100 mm.
  • A set of light filters for verification. 

SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. km10

SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. c6 c35 s c2 

SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. m15 82  


The following external devices can be connected to spectrophotometers:

  • USB – connected printer for printing-out the results of measurements;
  • standard keyboard for editing text (e.g. for data entering).
  • "mouse" manipulator for more convenient operation with graphical interface.
  • external display.
  • external PC for the extension of spectrophotometer capabilities for solving non-standard measurement tasks.

Along with an external PC the special software "PCI –MC2" or another software on customer's specification can be provided.