3D Scanning Laser Raman Confocal Microscope Confotec® series MR200

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Confotec® MR200 - Confotec MR200 is a compact and price-effective Raman microscope for routine measurements and scientific research. The true confocal optical layout with a set of automatically switchable confocal diaphragms (pinholes) allows conducting a spectral аnalysis of microparticles or Raman imaging of macro-objects with high spatial resolution.

The most advanced Raman microscopes have successfully combined the latest innovations in optoelectronics and 25-years experience in spectrosсopy and manufacturing of SOL instruments.



  • Highest sensitivity
  • Fully automated
  • Modular design, configuration upon a customer’s request
  • Compact
  • High spectral resolution comparable to that of the most expensive and powerful Raman systems
  • Laser beam expander module for optimization of focused laser beam spot
  • Long-term reliability and stability in operation, there is no need for any adjustments
  • Autofocus system as an option
  Confotec MR200



All Confotec® MR Raman systems are based on the research grade upright microscope NikonTM Ni. Standard modules for the implementation of operating modes in transmitted light, polarization and phase contrast, DIC, an attachment for epi-fluorescence, etc. can be installed through the use of the NikonTM Ni microscope.